The entrance to Levit Glamping can be by boat or road.

Entrance by boat: every day at 4 pm the boat sets sail from La Marina Navegar de Guatapé, which is located 1.5 hours from Medellín and 1 hour and 10 minutes from José María Córdova airport

In case you lose your assigned boat, you must hire a private boat in La Marina Navegar, this has an average cost of $120,000 per trip per couple
Do not worry about your vehicle, in La Marina they provide a 24-hour guarded parking service.
If you come by public transport from Medellín, in the northern terminal you take a bus to La Marina Navegar, it leaves you right at the entrance.

Road entrance: by road, requesting directions to whatsapp 3183187848

  • You can book with a commercial agent through whatsapp (+57) 3183187848 or click on the following link where you will find the complete calendar of our availability and right there you make the reservation process.
  • For the day, summer clothes, a bathing suit so you can enjoy the lake, sandals, a beach towel, SUNSCREEN, we don’t want you to get sunburned.
  • A cell phone protector for the lake so it doesn’t sink
  • Comfortable tennis shoes for you to enjoy the walk and ecological trails
  • Cap or hat so you don’t get insolated during outdoor activities
  • GoPro for you to take the best photos and videos of this experience without fear of being damaged by moisture
  • For the night warm clothes, the temperature drops a few degrees
  • Baggage that fits in a briefcase, DO NOT GET INCLUDED with large suitcases


  • Sound equipment or speakers, at Levit Glamping the environment of rest and respect for nature prevail, which is why the use of these devices is not allowed.
  • To bring food or drinks, are nos allow in Levit Glamping, you will find a very complete Restaurant-Bar with a variety of meals, baked goods, snacks and all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Blankets, sheets or pillows, at Levit Glamping we provide you with all this so that you feel comfortable, warm and enjoy this magical experience to the fullest.
  • People who are not within the reserve
  • High shoes or heels
  • Drugs, hallucinogenic and/or prohibited substances
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